We’ve Gone Green

Everyone is concerned about the environment these days, and we share those very same concerns. Our in house recycling program not only meets, but exceeds the guide lines set out by the Government. All fluids, oil filters, plastics, metal, paper, cardboard and tires are recycled.  Some parts are returned to be rebuilt again and again, reducing the need for more raw materials to produce new parts, that helps save the environment.

Being environmentally friendly with your car, can not only help save the environment, but could save you money as well. Experts have proven that maintaining your car will cost you less, but did you know it can also reduce the carbon footprint for your car? A well maintained car will save you gas, perform better and will drive longer, all you need to do is maintenance – that’s it!

No one person can effect enough to stop the damage to our environment on their own, but when we all take a part in that change, we have the greatest effect to make the changes needed to stop damaging and repair our environment. If we don’t take care of our environment, our environment can’t take care of us, and you can’t put a price on that.